If you’re somebody who is concerned with putting on musical shows with young people then you know that the shows available are written for professional adult singers, or the material on offer often doesn’t have the necessary ‘street cred.’ to excite the kid’s imaginations.

Musicals4kidz are created by me, John Gleadall to cater for the needs of the children I have  been teaching for the past thirty seven years. Working on the principle that music is a huge part of the lives of all children I have created a series of musicals which contain elements of music which are designed to appeal to teenagers but which also introduce elements of technique to extend and expand their musical repertoire and technique. 

So..... listen to the audio sample of a song from 
" A Mean Old Man" 
Here is Marley singing ‘Go Down’

Every time a school or youth group puts on a show they have a different range of talents and abilities - I would actively encourage you to change the material on offer to suit the talents of your company. 

The important thing is NOT the show - the important thing is to find appropriate material which will enable you to draw out the potential of your performers; so go ahead and personalise the shows for your needs - if I can help I will. Key changes, plot changes even new numbers or arrangements to suit your band/orchestra - and because I am aware that an increasing number of schools don’t have the depth of experience to provide performers and musicians, all the shows come complete with backing tracks which can be replace or augmented by ‘real’ musicians.

If you’re somebody who is regularly involved with putting on musical shows with teenagers then you owe it to yourself and your pupils to check out the breadth and depth of what is on offer here – quality productions written for kids by somebody who has learned from experience – and these shows will NOT empty your budget, you should even make a profit!
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